Friday, December 9, 2011

My entry for Jamie's Twelve Days of Christmas Contest!

Hey guys! I know it's been forever since I posted ANYTHING, has been hectic. No excuse, I know. Eff it. I love chuuu. <3 I will definitely upload more stuff from now on. I PROMISE. Anyway, this is my entry for Jamie's Christmas Contest.

These are the rules as she lists them, yo.
Sign up on the widget below and leave a comment. Then from today until Dec. 9th, write a 1000 words or less flash fiction that includes all of the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas! It doesn't have to follow the song, just have them in there however you like. Then hop around to each others' blog and critique or comment. Along with some special judges, I will be hopping around reading and picking out our favorites and on Dec. 10th, we will post our 3 winners!

Here's my entry:

She was in the hospital, slowly fading away. He knew he had to do something, had to let her know he cared. They had been together for two years, but one of those had been spent badly, between fights and sicknesses and white walls with too-bright lights. He wanted to apologize.
But she wouldn't wake up.
It was Christmas. The doctor came up to him five minutes before twelve. "You should go home, kid," he had said. "It's Christmas in five."
"I want to spend it here," the boy had said. "With her."
The doctor looked at him strangely. "She's not awake."
"She will wake up," the boy replied. "I have to believe it."
The doctor walked away without another word, leaving the boy alone in the waiting room. He was the only one there, since the old lady whose husband had cancer went to get some coffee.
The boy waited for his blonde haired angel to wake up. She loved Christmas.
"It's my favorite season," she'd told him once. "After all, no other season has a song about twelve amazing presents. No other season has snow. And no other season brought me to you."
They had met at a Christmas dinner. He had been reluctant to talk to her, but with their parents being friends, it was hard.
And that was how they fell in love.
And now, in Christmas, his world was falling apart, all because of that dinner.
Someone called his name--a nurse. He stood up.
"She's awake."
That was all he needed. Was it sudden? Yes. It was five in the morning, almost six, by the time he was told. He ran through the hallway, not caring if people held him back, because he would fight. He opened the door to her room.
And there she was. Dressed in white sheets, with only a gown underneath. Her white hair looked duller than usual, her blue eyes pale and lifeless, but somehow she managed to breathe.
"Hey," she croaked out.
"Hi," he said.
"They say there's not much time. I'm only going to be awake for so long."
"What do you need?" He was already at her side, holding her hands, pleading with his eyes.
"I need you. But I already have you. So," she said, glancing up at him. "I want you to sing me the Christmas song."
"I can't sing it."
She sighed. "But told me you'd give me what I wanted."
"And I will." He stood up. "Give me a second. Don't go anywhere."
"Not like I can," she said, but she knew he didn't mean that.
 The boy came back to her room a few moments later, a nurse and the doctor behind him. They rushed to the girl and did some checks. After what seemed like an eternity, they looked at the boy.
"You can take her," the doctor said with a nod.
"Take me where?" the girl asked.
The boy winked. "You'll see."


"Here." The boy gave his girl the only jacket there was in his car. She shivered and draped it around her. He turned the heater on and started the engine. Soon, they were driving somewhere, a specific place, one she didn't know.
"Where are we going?" she kept asking, but the boy gave nothing away.
She saw the city fade away as they drove deeper into the woods, but they didn't get deep enough. They were in a theater, one she had performed in three years ago, when she played a ballerina in The Nutcracker.
"Why are we here?" She climbed out of the car slowly.
"Come on," he said, avoiding her question and leading her inside.
Once they were seated, the lights turned on.
"I give you," the boy said, "the twelve presents." He beamed at her and sat back.
"Twelve drummers drumming," he said, and then twelve drummers dressed in formal band attire stepped onto the stage with the drums in front of them, hanging from their necks. They drummed to the beat of their song. The girl clapped in delight. She never thought she would ever be able to see it, but there she was, and she was loving every minute of it.
After the twelve drummers stepped out of the stage, the boy called on the eleven pipers piping, and they climbed on and played to the beat. She could still hear the drums in the background.
Off the stage the pipers went, and in came the ten lords a leaping, the nine ladies dancing gracefully, the eight maids a milking fake cows, the seven swans swimming in the nonexistent pond, the six geese a laying, who she thought were adorable. When the five rings came, they didn't go onstage. The boy held them in his hand. He offered them to the girl. She slipped them on her fingers, still awed by the boy's gift, and the show continued.
Four Colly birds flew through the theater, held by cords. The girl smiled at them. When she was little, she had always wanted to fly. Then came the three French hens, the two turtle doves, and then, the very last one: a partridge in a pear tree. She tree was fake, as was the partridge, but the girl could care less.
"I love you," she said to the boy. She said it like a promise, and sealed it with a kiss.

Hope you guys liked it! :)