Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hi, guys! :)

Hi!!! My name is Camille, and...I've decided to create a blog.

This  blog will be about books--the books I like, the books I don't like, books in general--writing, music (at times), movies, and life.

Also, I ramble. A lot.

It may not seem like it, but I do. Really. Also, I wanna thank Valia Lind (her blog: ) for helping me come up with a name! Thank you so much! And thanks to my friends for suggesting names.

So, the first thing you guys should know is that I have never blogged in my life. I'm counting on my friends to help me out. :)

Things you should know about me:

I eat a lot.
I love junk food.
Books are awesome and I love them.
I write.
I watch TV.
I'm freaking out because I start high school in a new place (I cannot socialize in person...I'm awkward...) and I just...ugh. But the school has a kick-ass library.
I have to listen a song every day. Any song. I go insane if I don't.
I carry my iPod everywhere.
I wear my black converse 97% of the time.
Where I live, there are no bookstores in English.
And...that's it!

So, yeah. This is my introduction. Also, I'm on twitter: @camibandlover.


Um, I'll try to write posts three times a week or more, but it all depends on school and life and everything else.

This is my very awkward introduction to the world.

I hope you like my blog and all. *waves*

Talk to you guys soon! :)


  1. Good job sweetie!!! It looks great! It takes work but I know you can do it!!! :-) Have fun with it!!!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you started one. :)

  3. Yay Camille! I am so happy we convinced you to make one ;p Can't wait for some more posts!

  4. lol, new 2 . ''where gonna make it '' lol i hope