Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New School, Big Day.

So, in a few hours, my mom will wake me up very early in the morning and tell me I need to get the hell up and get ready and eat, because…I need to get to school.

School is starting.

If you didn’t know this already, then here it goes: I moved, and I’m going to a new school. And, if you didn’t know that I’m excruciatingly shy, then now you do. I am. Shy, I mean. And it’s killing me.

The school I’ll be going to is wonderful. It has so many great classes and an amazing, HUGE campus. I love it.

But I don’t wanna be in it.

The thing is, I’m too shy, and when I’m around people I don’t know—I am not proud of this—I start to shake. Uncontrollably. It’s bad. Really bad. Like, today, I met a girl from school, and I was so nervous instead of shaking her hand I gave her an awkward hug and I was shaking, and I bet she noticed.

I am so awkward.

It’s horrible for me, starting school in a new place with people I don’t know. People say I’ll make friends, and I say, “Maybe,” because it’s all there is to it. Can you read the future? No, you can’t. Neither can I. So we’ll stick with maybe. Just like maybe I’ll finish the first draft of my WIP by Sunday. Maybe I’ll finish Supernaturally by then, too, and maybe my dad will get me Between Shades of Gray and Forbidden.

I don’t know. Do you? I don’t think so.

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only for me, but for my whole family. My brother leaves for college. It’s my dad’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!) and I start high school. It’s big. Very, very big.

People said I’d make it. I don’t know if I can.

I hope I do.

I’ll definitely let you know. :)

Also, thanks to my friends, because you're the ones that tell me I'll make friends here because I'm awesome. I'm really not, but thanks. I love you guys. ALL OF YOU.

I love the world. Mostly because I'm tired and by Thursday I'll probably hit 50k on my WIP.

My point here is, all of you who've been to a new school, especially while starting high school, understand me. But not too much. Not really. We're all different. And, if you're starting school and you feel very strongly, whether how you feel is good or bad or scared, let's talk. Please.

Again, I'll let you know about everything! :)


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