Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Series

Now, I love book series. I don't care if they're long or short. They have to be good. So, here are my top 10 favorite series. By the way, they're not in any specific order.

10) Pretty Little Liars - this was the second series I ever read (after Twilight) and it was the one that really got me into reading books. I just love the mystery, and I did NOT see what happened coming. And the 9th book was...interesting. Can't wait for the 10th!

9) Wolves of Mercy Falls - I just really like the wolves here, and I adore St. Clair and Sam. I read Forever (finally!) and it was SO good. And the's not really an ending. It didn't disappoint me, but I was left wanting more. But I really love this series!

8) Darkest Powers series - this series is amazing. I read the three books in two days! I adored the three books. The characters were really awesome, and I just really, really like this series.

7) The Iron Fey series - I love this series. It's original, and great, and the characters (PUCK AND ASH!!!!) are awesome. So yes. (TEAM ASH!)

6) Hush Hush - I loved Hush Hush. I  don't understand why it's been compared to Fallen and Twilight, because, while those other two have a lot in common (Luce and Bella could be BFFs), Hush Hush has nothing to do with them. Nora is actually likable. In Hush Hush. I HATED her and her choices in Crescendo. SERIOUSLY!!!!! Argh! However, I still liked Crescendo and the mystery and the ending, so I'll be reading Silence. And I hope there'll be more Patch.

5) Hex Hall - this is an example of a great YA series. It has humor, great characters, and some twists that I did not see coming. And it has Archer. What more could someone want? I adored reading Hex Hall, even though I didn't know I would, and ordered Demonglass the same night. <3

4) Morganville Vampires - my best friend's sister gave me all eight books to this series back in November of last year. Back home, it was HARD to find books that were just released, especially of a series as amazing as this one. I had to order it online THIS YEAR to get it. And Bite Club. Cannot wait for Last Breath. This is an amazing series, and I can't help but comparing it to Buffy in the sense that it doesn't deal with the same plot in every book, even though it has 10 books out. There's a MAIN plot, but every book has its own plot, and I love that. It's like the series I'll be announcing next.

3) Vampire Academy - I absolutely fell IN LOVE with this series. Again, my best friend was the one who gave me these. I adored them. I fell in love with Dimitri, Adrian and Christian. And Rose was so amazing. I admire her bravery and all of that. Again, every book has its own plot, but it's in the same world and with a bigger plot in the backround. And it does NOT deal with only vampires, no. It's so much more than that.

2) The Mortal Instruments - Well, let me just start off by saying that this series has Jace. Without Jace, the books would not have the funny parts they have. I really like Simon, Clary, Izzy,Magnus, Alec...and every other character here. And I have a friend who likes the evil ones. O_O

1) The Hunger Games - It has great, strong characters. Katniss is like a humorless Rose. And that's not bad. She's just...serious. The plot in these books is amazing. Some people complain about how Katniss wasn't herself at all in Mockingjay, and how she didn't develop in that book at all. You complain about how she's not brave and she's emotional. Well, try being her. And I know this is silly. Before I judge a character, I always try to see things from her point of view. But if you were to go through the hell Katniss has been through, do you think you wouldn't cry at the end? I would have. And every strong person would. Even a strong guy. Because I don't think it's easy. But I love this series.

So, yeah. Those are my favorite series. There will be more top ten, I think. :) What are your favorite series?

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  1. fairly new in the YA world only read the wolves of mercy falls so far i this list

    faves r , warm bodies , by isaac marrion, stand a lone
    the keepers of life trilogy by shea berkley , book1 came out this year~~ ahem review on my blog~~

    can't forget narnia one of my fav's , not really YA i think

    and the guardian series by ednah walters
    so like bran and lil and sykes and remy and izzy